Wednesday 23rd August 2017,
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The Bahamas is often referred to as land of the sun, sand and sea, however this tiny cluster of islands is swarming with some of the most talented individuals that the world will ever see……………if given the opportunity. Unfortunately “the arts” is not in the forefront of any governments or society’s agenda and as a result most artists never reach their full potential. Because of my love for writing and passion for good music I felt obligated to provide a platform to place the arts in the forefront and provide Bahmian Artists with the exposure they deserve and this was the birth of  Play It Forward.


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Growing up you used to hear people say “pay it forward” which meant that if you received an act of kindness you in turn should display that act to someone else and the kindness spreads. It’s a similar concept. If you “play it forward” the great music you hear, the stunning paintings and sculptures you see would have spread therefore expanding in one form or another information about the artist and their talent.

The possible collaborations, partnerships and opportunities are endless because they now have another voice which allows our fellow countrymen to learn more about the artists who’s sound they heard on the radio, paintings they’ve seen on display in rawson square, murals they’ve seen plastered all over Bay street, etc.

It is our hope,our intent that Play It Forward can usher in a new era of change, whilst not forgetting the forefathers of our culture, providing a platform for the world to see the new movement by the younger generations.

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