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New Music: Travis Bowe Teams Up With Producer Rvmbeaux For Debut Solo Project

New Music: Travis Bowe Teams Up With Producer Rvmbeaux For Debut Solo Project

To those of you who’ve heard this project already, yes we are a little late, but not TOO late. After a dope joint mixtape in the form of ‘ChemiSTry’ with B.A.S.S. member Skully, Travis decided to go in on a project with another member of the clique…Rvmbeaux (pronounced Rambo). Rvmbeaux went to town with the production and Travis did Travis with the raps.  The solo mixtape is called “$tand Out Guy$” and was released to the masses on May 6th, 2015.

This project is similar to the #ChemiSTry project solely in the fact that its features are pretty scarce, which as you probably know we most times feel is best. The three (3) collaborations on the twelve track tape come from J’me (a newcomer doing her thing), Skully (who you should know by now) and Travis’ lady Grier Munroe (formerly known as “Vixen”)…Yes, she’s the one he was talking about on “Frier & Granny“.

In Travis’ words the project brings “versatility, energy, and creative risk” and well thats what some of the best projects are made from, right?

Some Standout Joints :

  • 83 Balcony Music
  • Stunna
  • Groovin
  • If It’s Cool/The B

The boy’s come quite a long way since “Oh Lord” and we’re hella proud to see the things he’s accomplishing.

Enjoy the mixtape above and show it some love by hitting the download button and we’ll post the project  tracklist down below for you guys. Peace and #PIF.

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