Thursday 14th December 2017,
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INTRODUCING: Bryan…”Thus Far”

INTRODUCING: Bryan…”Thus Far”

The cover art (posted below) reminiscent of an image from Longman’s “The Making of The Bahamas” was definitely chosen as a message to the projects listeners, but has no reflection on the tracks at face value.

Listen as Bryan details this past period of his life after returning home from college back in 2013 using some pretty funk infused beats and one or two you will recognise like Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me” instrumental on track seven (7), which carries the same name.

Thus Far 1

What he’s been working on since then “25 To Life”, reaches you Jan 1st 2016. Stay tuned I’m sure his style has shifted and gotten better since 2013 when he created the newly released “Thus Far”. #PIF

Other Credits Include:
Mixing by Bryan, Soulja Shaddy (add. mixing), Devron (add. vocals), 2 Shots The Army (add. production)


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