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Skully ( @SKUdoubleLY ) Working On Debut Solo Mixtape?

TK.DaDon June 23, 2015 Music Comments Off on Skully ( @SKUdoubleLY ) Working On Debut Solo Mixtape?
Skully ( @SKUdoubleLY ) Working On Debut Solo Mixtape?

If ever there were a clique putting out work steadily in Nassau, the growing conglomerate that is Three Amigos; is either it or pretty darn close to it. After great reception of the joint mixtape project #ChemiSTry, Jay Complex’s #ReligionRouge, Travis’ solo tape #StandoutGuys helmed by O.G. producer RVMBEAUX and most recently the announcement of Find-A-Way Chase’s sophomore mixtape effort #TheTestOfTime…it looks like the second half of #ChemiSTry is making an announcement of his own.

Yesterday afternoon Skully graced his personal soundcloud page with a snippet track produced by Audiogxld. The snippet carries with it no vocals, but gives the mind a place to travel to and imagine just what Skully has planned for the track which is mostly comprised of keys and some synthy (I know thats not a word but i’m using it!) computer sounds.

Skully is another one of those artists that in our opinion is continuously and seriously slept on. His talent is monstrous, so a solo tape would truly give him some space to shine. Don’t get your hopes up to high for a project though, this might just be a one off (we really hope its not.). Though, judging by the track’s title, “First Flame”, this is just the beginning of what could possibly be a pretty flaming summer.

What’d you guys think? More on the way? will this be Skully’s best record? Chime in in the comments section below and take a listen to the makings of Skully’s next possible single. Peace & Love #PIF


Listen To “First Flame Snippet” Here


Sidenote: it’s awesome seeing artists locally doing this type of promo with music and not just slapping records online all willy-nilly. We can definitely appreciate the art of building the buzz and hype for music before its official release.(Not that he’s the first, just a thought.)


UPDATE: Skully drops off another Audiogxld produced snippet within hours of “First Flame”. The second’s titled “House Rap” and has a more techno/house feel to it (hence the name we’re guessing).

Listen To “House Rap” Snippet Here


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