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Jewel November 1, 2014 Fashion Comments Off on #JujuEndorsed :Business Review for PORT OF PARADISE’S WAIST SLIMMING CORSET BY KISHANNA SHAWNELL

Hi everyone,

A new week and a new endorsement,  this time featuring CEO of Port of Paradise, the beautiful Kishanna Shawnell and her “Waist Slimming Corset”, designed specifically for the woman who believes that “Curves never go out of style”.

Waist slimming techniques have made a steady resurgence in popularity for women thanks to superstar Beyoncé Knowles and reality television star Kim Kardashian,  two women that boast of these curves  naturally. Women want not only to attain curves but to accentuate their God given curves.

Port of Paradise C.E.O -Kishanna Shawnell

In The Bahamas, we were blessed with the likes of our own starlet,  Kishanna Shawnell,  who if you were living under the a rock, is hands down the most popular Bahamian on social media. She has a massive following on Facebook and Instagram (in the 10’s of thousands) and inspires both women and men with her knowledge of fashion,  her creativity, entrepreneurialship,  and her overall image. And she has a body to die for!

As CEO of one the most popular clothing lines in The Bahamas, Port of Paradise (with the assistance of her equally fabulous mother Ms. Clo),  Kishanna sort to expand her brand with a practice she has been doing for about a year and a half ago – Corset Training.

Corset Training is the method by which the waist is cinched for up to six hours a day to reduce inches and create curves. Weight is distributed from the stomache to the hips, which increases the visual of a smaller waist and more shapely butt. It also lifts the butt raising it for more womanly proportions. Kishanna has completely transformed her body with Corset Training and inspired many to do the same. With many young women asking Kishanna how she attained her shapely figure, she was then nudged to create her  signature Waist Slimming Corset Line.


The corsets are available in sizes XXS to 3XL and what I love about the corset the embroidery and the two levels of fastening;  buttons in the front and fastening strings in the back.

While designing one of a kind pieces for the clothing department of her company, the corset line will indeed take her company to another level. And it is proven thus far to be successful. The corset will not only give women the curves they want but encourage them to be more conscious of their overall health, create exercising habits and confidence. Here are some photos of clients who have already snatched their waists with the corset;

PhotoGrid_1414590927763  PhotoGrid_1414592271323   IMG-20141025-WA0014

Port of Paradise’s “Waist Slimming Corset” can be purchased EXCLUSIVELY at The One2Love Boutique in The Island Luck Plaza opposite Bamboo Shack. “Like” Port of Paradise on Facebook and follow @portofparadise on Instagram. Get yours today!

Remember that Port of Paradise is a #JujuEndorsed business.

Be sure to “Like” Juju Endorsed on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @jujuendorsed. For endorsement inquiries,  email .

Peace and love,

Jewel “Juju” Carey


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