Tuesday 12th December 2017,
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Travis Bowe & Skully Release Debut Mixtape Effort #ChemiSTry

Travis Bowe & Skully Release Debut Mixtape Effort #ChemiSTry

After releasing the cover and tracklist for the project, Trav & Skully stuck to their word and delivered project that a lot of people have been waiting on. We’ve finally got #chemiSTry. The joint project serves as the debut for both Travis & Skully, though the B.A.S.S. members are no strangers to working on mixtapes.

The mixtape features beats from a variety of producers including #3AM’s own Rambo. The sole vocal guest is present on “Frier & Granny” in the form of JudahThaLion. The track is an “ode” (for lack of a better term) to both Travis and Skully’s girlfriends. Be sure to check out the mixtape’s singles “Late Night” & “Oh Lord” just in case you missed them and hit these guys up up @TwoBroadBowe & @SkuDoublely on twitter, enjoy the 11 tracks below and while you’re there peep the cover. #PIF




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