Thursday 14th December 2017,
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PlayItForward Premiere: Presenting TonAsh

PlayItForward Premiere: Presenting TonAsh

Today we bring you a “PlayItForward Premiere”, something new for you guys to check out. So, we were submitted a few records and chose one out of  the lot to give you guys as our first “PlayItForward Premiere”. The record comes from a newcomer to the scene by the name of ToneAsh. Now we wondered…”TonAsh”? Kind of a strange name we thought, but when he broke it down we understood (even though we still think its gonna take some getting use to for us).

He say its his government name Ashton, with a bit of a spin on it. He told us “I always stress my name to be pronounced AshTON and not AshTIN”, and we totally get this fight of being called by your actually name and not what people think it is. Since starting with his first raps back in high school TonAsh says it’s only recently that he began to take this music thing seriously as a possible career.  After advice from well known local producer Charlie Brown and beginning work with “1st Class Sounds” producer Pat Knowles, this new comer thinks he’s just about ready to give the Bahamas and the world that official debut project. Aside from Pat Knowles on the production side other features on the Dope Ish Vol 1. mixtape sofar will include Ras Cat and Joe Bloe, who TonAsh says he hooked up with when he first made it back home from pursuing higher education abroad. 

Back to the mixtape, the title “Dope Ish” says Ton is “simply a reference to fresh/good music”, and as far as the track “I Need A” came about according to Ton after a day of goin through previously purchased beats and he just “really liked the energy in the instrumental, came up with the hook and then bam put the song together and headed over to Patrick to record it”. the “I Need A”  track among others can be heard oin oration on stations like Hot 91.7  and More 94 so keep an ear out for Ton.



Check out both the dirty and clean versions of his record “I Need A” up top from his first mixatpe Dope Sh*t Vol 1, which he’s currently working on and if you like the music head on over and “like” TonAsh on Facebook HERE. #PeaceAndPIF 






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