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Offshore Readies “HiStory” With New Release

TK.DaDon January 30, 2014 Music Comments Off on Offshore Readies “HiStory” With New Release


This is the first time we’ve heard music from Mr. Brown for the year and it seems that the only vocals he has on this track are some ad-libs. this one has the tags of Showtime Shaddy production but we’re guessing that since there aren’t any Offshore vocals that he must’ve done some of the production on this joint.

The record is called “Nassau Blues (How It Go)”, and when he posted this Offshore simply stetted that it was the first release off of his next music project, which is tentatively titled “HiStory”.

Maybe we’ll be looking at a project that features more of the production than rhymes this time around…but who’s sure? we’ll just have to see in the coming months…but for now enjoy this Shaddy & Offshore collaboration. #PIF


So we spoke with Offshore and its seems that the vocals we thought were Shaddy’s are actually Offshore’s…can anyone say voice change? lol Anyway, the Verses and the hook are credited to Offshore swell as mixing credits and playing both the piano and guitar on this record. #Multitalented huh?…but yeah, look forward to more newness from the homie Offshore coming soon…


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