Thursday 14th December 2017,
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New Music: Papa Smurf A.K.A. Smurf 2.0 – Humble Beast

Ya boy Smurf is back on the scene and this time around he’s definitely not on his regular calm vibes. Smurf released this newest song this week with what are probably the most attacking verses we’ve ever heard him spit. He’s going at everyone that he feels is faking the funk and not being true to who they are, while at the same time reassuring everyone that all he can be and all he’s ever been is himself. The name of the record is “Humble Beast” and you can check it out right here. be sure to leave your comments ad thoughts. Let us know how you’re feeling about Smurf 2.0. Peace & #PIF


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Through the music you realize some things. You see that you can draw inspiration from any and everywhere. Life is a song. Everything you say or do. The hard part is to make it worth listening to. -TK

1 Comment

  1. K. Quincy Parker December 3, 2013 at 3:13 PM

    “…a trail of dead microphones to the grave!”

    “…my Bahamian toe!” YEP!

    This is what I’ve been missing in Bahamian music. This is like a full meal with dessert and all. Ahhhhhhhh…..