Saturday 19th August 2017,
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New Music: Rayne – Try

Here’s some new music from one of our favorite up and coming, Bahamian R&B acts. An affiliate of the A.O.M.G family along with artists like Rio Dejaneiro, this young cat goes by the name “Rayne” and has already released about four projects (Mixtapes & EPs) in the last few years, along with being featured on tracks like “Vintage” with Adria Jenee & Daynez recently. Not quite sure who it is he reminds us of internationally, but the boy is on the right track and with this newest track titled “Try” all we see is progression.
The track has a beautiful message that alot of us need to ponder on. The only thing we wish is that it was just a verse or two longer.
Definitely think this guy’s career as an artist shows some promise. Check the track & lyrics courtesy of Rayne below. If you like it as much as we do, click that download button and share it with a few friends…or as we like to say… “PlayItForward”, Peace.

Rayne – Try


Maybe I’m done with the hard times
Maybe my heart can feel the sun shine

which way to go…

Spending late nights dreaming in the moon light
Waiting for life to come and prove me right…

Tryna let it go…

The speed of light, tell me where did the time go…
(baby we’re speedin)

And now here we are, moving faster than we’ve hoped…
(but I won’t let you go…go)

Cause deep in my heart I know it’s all right
Just give me your hand, we’ll take the world head on
Tears of the past, they had us both drowning….
But together we stand so we both can be strong…strong…

Maybe it’s time for me to try….
(Try to love)


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Through the music you realize some things. You see that you can draw inspiration from any and everywhere. Life is a song. Everything you say or do. The hard part is to make it worth listening to. -TK

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