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R.A.P.P. Quelle Drops Brand New Records For “#QuelleBirthdayGiftTrilogy”

TK.DaDon May 5, 2013 Artist Spotlight, Music Comments Off on R.A.P.P. Quelle Drops Brand New Records For “#QuelleBirthdayGiftTrilogy”


To start his birthday weekend off right R.A.P.P. Quelle took to facebook only hours ago and announced

For all the people that continue to love and support my career through the pass years, I want to let you know that I’m eternally thankful and humbled by you being there when friends leave, when I grid drop, when times get rough. So with that being said, on the eve of my birthday I want to let all of you know that new music is coming, a new approach is coming and those that prayed for me to stop gonna be saying “WHY?!” ….. lol #WEAREUP #Ahead

Later on he took to facebook again, this time chiming in

#NoRegrets #QuelleBirthdayGift #1 – Here you go guys. I hope this one inspires you to let go of all your regrets and baggage. #Ahead

and posting this song titled “No Regrets”.


But Quelle wasn’t done there. He told us it would be a “#QuelleBirthdayGiftTrilogy” and he meant it. The second of #QuelleBirthdayGiftTrilogy came a few hours later with the announcement that these were tracks from his unreleased “Abstract Art Vol. 2: Tenacity & Perseverance”. The second track you can also listen to here features former Prime Minister Of The commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Right Honurable Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling and is titled “Confirmation That Your Mind Is Yours” in which Quelle totally takes over Lupe Fiasco’s “All Black Evrything” beat and makes it his own.

But like we said Quelle stated it’s a Trilogy so stay tuned for the next released coming sometime tomorrow…

Enjoy the music & #PlayItForward Guys.



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