Wednesday 26th July 2017,
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Daynez Releases “Vintage” Feat. Rayne & Adria Jenee And Announces New Mixtape


A few months back the radio airwaves and social media pages were all abuzz with the comical record “Ha’d Go“, which is pretty much based on some Bahamians everyday life. But though the song become very popular alot of people didn’t realize just how much work this young cat has been putting in with his music. Still in his early twenties this young artist has already been more recognized internationally than he has back home… which may or may not have been what he wanted. After his introduction to fans back home and getting people to do the research on his first two mixtape projects he got back to it with less comedy on his second release back home which featured “Popular” artist Duckie.

Now he’s back again this time teaming up with song bird Adria Jenee and his homie Rayne for a more love oriented track titled “Vintage”. Maybe this is the lane for him, who knows but the hook has definitly got us…and we’re very convinced that Rayne and Adria were the perfect choices for this track. As Adria sings “Don’t you know I’m Vintage?”, you just kind of picture the sepia scene in your mind and think of vintage love (kind of sappy i know lol). Ariund the same time of the song’s release Daynez posted the cover art for “Home Comin’”, which according to Daynez is his “third and final mixtape!!”(Not Sure if he really means that, but we’ll find out). Not sure if  “Vintage” will be featured on “Home Comin’” or when exactly it”ll be released, but when we know you’ll know.

Anyway, enough rambling. Check out the new joint below, the artwork above …and be sure to hit up Daynez on twitter @Daynez242 and hit us up aswell @PlayItForwardMag and let us both know how you feel about this new track.

Oh and take a look at the cover art for Daynez’s third mixtape project “Home Comin’” above the song. Peace & #PIF



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