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Interview: Pilscy Talks Mixtape, His Come Up & Where He’s Going

TK.DaDon March 8, 2013 Artist Spotlight Comments Off on Interview: Pilscy Talks Mixtape, His Come Up & Where He’s Going

We came across recording and graphic artist Pilscy awhile back, but didn’t have much info on the young up and comer. So when the opportunity arose to have a little chat with this new talent we took it. Below you can get to know the artist know as “Pilscy” a little bit better, just like we did…Check it Out

PIF: We’ve been hearing the name “Pilscy” a few places, it’s good to finally put the face to the music & I’m sure both you and the fans that didn’t know feel the same.

Pilscy: Yeah Man, its good to get together in a interview and talk about a few things people wanna know about.

PIF: So Pilscy huh? How’d you get the name?

Pilscy: Haha, I get this question every time I meet people. Simply the Pillsbury doughboy. When I was around a child, couldn’t be more than 5-6 my uncle and my aunts started calling me that because 1. I was a chubby kid and 2. I just was always able to do the Pillsbury “woohoo” sound, even up to today.

PIF: You’ve been doing music for over four years now, how long has it been since you stared exactly and how does it feel to be getting some more light shone on what you’ve been working on as an artist?

Pilscy: I’ve been doing music since October 2007. Started out playing around with my brothers and cousin and then I became more interested in it around 2009.
It feels good to know that my music is getting out there. I feels good when I bump into someone on the street and they be like “your that Pilscy dude right?”. I take it as an achievement when I see myself growing as an artist.

PIF: You’ve put out quite a few mixtapes on sites like datpiff and others, when did you begin work on your first mixtape and how was that experience for you?

Pilscy: My first mixtape had to be released in like, 2009. Funny thing is a lota people don’t know that because I kept in local, so only people in North Andros, where I lived at the time knew about it. I did a lot of songs relating to people but not songs, talking about a struggle. I made catchy songs, like a song I had named “I need minutes”. It was a learning experience. Organizing stuff became hard. Mixing everything was hard. One thing I can say is I respect dj’s who put out real mixtapes because it’s a lot of work. Overall it was a hard but learning experience.

PIF: What was it that actually made you want to do music? Was there an event or big influence in your life at some point?

Pilscy: I remember how soulja boy wasn’t that much older than me and he gained so much success of just making music and putting it out for people to hear. So as far as starting music it was soulja boy but making music wise I have a weird influence list. (2pac, Biggie, Jay-z, Kanye West, Gucci Mane)

PIF: Like we said before, you’ve put out some mixtapes. Including the about to be five installments of “On My Own Run”, how many tapes have you done altogether so far?

Pilscy: I’ve done about 9 mixtapes including the joint tapes with Phili and My younger brother Lil Tayo

PIF: You’re also a graphic artist and have your own website and blog where you promote the graphic work that you do. How long have you been doing graphics?

Pilscy: That Would be since early 2010. I started because I had no one to do my mixtape covers.

PIF: If you had to choose between graphics and the music, what would be you choice?

Pilscy: I prefer not to answer this one. Just kidding. I really can’t choose between these two. I love music and I love doing graphic work as well so it hard to choose one over the next. That’s like asking a person to choose between their two children, Ya feel me?

PIF: As far as your graphics go you’ve worked on a variety of projects for both you self and other artists, including covers you did for your “On My Own Run” series. Do you think you put a little more work into your own artwork that into that of someone else?

Pilscy: Believe it or not, I never like the way my covers come out. I feel like I put more work into other client’s covers than mine. I can never figure it out but that’s how it is.

PIF: Back on the topic of your mixtapes, quite a bit of them have been hosted by DJ Murph. How’d you link up with him and what makes it so easy for you to continue to work with him on your projects continually?

Pilscy: We met when he contacted me for graphic work. Its funny we never met in person but he’s like a lil brother to me. The reason its so easy for me to continue working with him is because he actually puts time into perfecting his mixtapes when he does them. He’s what I would call a actual dj. He doesn’t just throw his tag or effect over a song. He mixes it and a lot of dj’s now days don’t do that.

PIF: You mentioned via twitter that “On My Own Run Vol. 5” was in the works along with releasing the artwork for that project. About how far are we away from getting a release or release date?

Pilscy: On My Own Run V. 5 is to be release this Saturday, March 9th. I’ve confirmed it with Murph so look out for that.

PIF: You typically tend to stick to a few artist who’ve been down with you when choosing features for your mixtapes are there any features on this tape and if so are there any we wouldn’t expect?

Pilscy: There are a few features on this tape. Many of the artist I’ve been kicking it with. You got, Lil Tayo (My younger brother), Supa Laflare, Mr. JayJay, Coolie, Boxer Dawg, Buzz FlyGear and others who you wouldn’t expect to be on there. Its big man.

PIF: Are there artists that out there in the world that Pilscy would just love to work with, either locally or across the big pond?

Pilscy: Locally, I’d like to work with El Padrino we spoke a few times about it, Osano, This guy daynez seem to be cool so definitely him. I wanna get back in the studio with my boy Blitz King. Internationally I wanna work with Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Ab – Soul, Kendrick Lammar, Kid Cudi and Little Brother.

PIF: Who are some of the artists that you’ve worked with already?

Pilscy: Lil Tayo, Phili, Buckweed, Rio Dejaneiro, Twin, Tubba, Kazzo, Bonez, Konverse Kali , Sully Stacka, Salty Montana, Lock-Jaw, Haze, Mr. JayJay, Supa LaFlare, Boxer Dawg, Pretty-boy Red, Coke Daddy, Coolie, Travo, Diggie, Shaneel, Keisha … just to name some of them.

PIF: Of all the artist that are doing music and have been doing music, who are some of you foreign and Bahamian inspirations if any and why?

Pilscy: My Bahamian inspiration would have to be Shaddy because he’s pretty versatile when it comes to producing and he has alota talent. Blitz King is another name, not just because I was down with his label when I started but because he always came up with something new. He always had good ideas. My international inspiration producing wise would be Mike Will Made, producing wise because he just always has the most simple but structured beats. A lot of people may say I’m crazy for choosing this rapper but I’m a Gucci Mane fan. I just don’t see how one person can not only rap about the same things most of the time but also put out over 40 mixtapes and remain relevant up to now. Also I’ve been told that I act, and rap like Gucci. I don’t see it but lol.

PIF: We got hold of your recently released track “For A Second” featuring Boxer Dawg. Is that track on the mixtape or was it just a giveaway?

Pilscy: It’s on the mixtape. I kept on getting messages asking if I stopped making music because I haven’t put out music in a while, so I put that track out to let the fans hear a little taste of what’s on the mixtape.

PIF: So, what different thing can we expect on this upcoming mixtape that we haven’t been exposed to or heard on your other projects? What makes this one different and what do you feel is gonna make it worth the listen?

Pilscy: I’m singing on this tape (haha). Theres like two tracks I sang in so I believe that would shock the fans. This tape has a lota catchy songs unlike my previous tapes and well based tracks that you can listen to while in the gym or in the club. I would have to say the depth of the tracks and the quality would make the mixtape worth the listen.

PIF: You’re off in school at the moment. What are you studying and has your current residence changed the way you produce your music and or your sound in your eyes?

Pilscy: I’m studying, New Media Web Design right now. I did computer programming already. Not only did the residence change the way I produce and the sound of my music but society today. I just think experiences caused it as well. After going through something’s or partying, it just changes the way you word your songs.

PIF: Is there one song in hip-hop history that no matter how old it gets, once it comes on you automatically HAVE to vibe out to?

Pilscy: “Vibin’ – Picalo”. Never gets old. Perfect song when I need a boost of confidence.

PIF: Does Pilscy have any other interesting talents to share with the world?

Pilscy: I would just like to tell the world that I could do anything media, through God. I can do 3-D animation and Video Recording and Editing.

PIF: What else do you have coming up in the near future that you think the fans would like to know?

Pilscy: I got a few other Dj’s i’m working with other than Dj Murph. Depending on how the year goes, I may release one or two more mixtapes. Also I’m producing a lot of beats for my personal future projects. I got a few beats from Young Chop (Chief Keef’s producer) so I’ll see how it goes. This year should be interesting.

PIF: What are your social media tags and which one are the fans most likely to catch you on? are you more of a twitter fanatic or a Facebook head?

Pilscy: @Pilscy on Twitter and Instagram and Pilscy on Facebook. I would say that I’m more of a twitter user at the moment. Facebook is like a second option right now so fans fell free to hit me up on twitter for a quicker response.

PIF: Well we look forward to seeing how you progress as an artist and want to wish you luck with you career but before we head out are there any shout outs or final words you’d like to give the people?

Pilscy: Shout out to my little brother lil Tayo. Tommy Santino, CJ, Dj Murph, Dj Tay Hood, The whole 606 Ent, The whole HD Boyz, Cash Catie, Cash City and One Drop Records. The whole 242.

Stay tuned to Pilscy, God Bless.

On My Own Run Vol. 5″ drops this Saturday



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