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PIF Exclusive Music: Jay Complex’s Third Single “J. K. Rolling” Featuring Adria Jenee’

TK.DaDon February 20, 2013 Music Comments Off on PIF Exclusive Music: Jay Complex’s Third Single “J. K. Rolling” Featuring Adria Jenee’


Jay continues to set the stage for the upcoming second installment of his “Underdog” series with the release of this Adria Jenee’ asissted track titled “J. K. Rolling” (meaning “Just Keep Rolling”). Jay explains that the title is simply a play on the name of praised novelist J. K. Rowling, who became well known for her work on the Harry Potter series, which he is a huge fan of. According to Complex, it fit perfectly being that the song is “dedicated to a very close friend”, whom Jay says he lost this past Christmas holiday who was as much of a Harry Potter enthusiast as he is. Jay told Play It Forward that after the passing of his friend, a mutual friend reminded him that his now slumbering friend would rather they pick themsleves up and keep moving than continue crying over their loss, which is when he came up with the idea for the track.

J.K. Rolling is the third official single from Jay Complex’s soon to be released “Underdog 2: Labour of Love” following “Bad B!t*# In A Sundress” & “B.A.M. (By Any Means)”. Jay enlists producer 93p (who also produced B.A.M.) for this mid-tempo track and continues with the mythical Harry Potter theme on the cover art where he displays a tribal-like artwork of the everlasting phoenix which has for a long time been a representation of eternity and constance. Hit that play button after the jump to enjoy this #PlayItForwardExclusive and don’t forget to share your feelings and #PlayItForward by sharing this joint with a friend. Peace.



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