Saturday 19th August 2017,
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New Music: Porter D’Poet “Losing Control” Feat. Sammi Starr

With the release of some brand new Poet music tonight, 2013 is definitely shaping up to be a great year for music. It’s been quite some time since we heard some new music from the veteran spitter and this track is Porter’s announcement that the wait is over. This brand new track titled “Losing Control” is a bit of a slower tempo than what we’re use to hearing the “Nassau Slugga” on, but he does it justice none the less. Po caught up with local crooner Sammi Starr to lend his vocals on this one; and if we remember correctly this is actually the two’s first time working together on a record (or at least one that’s been released to the public), so not only is it a big song due to it being Porter’s first release in awhile, but it’s also a bit of a history maker in that the track brought together arguably to of the most popular artists this side of Florida. As Porter lays out the track and mentions “Nobody sees my struggle, nobody knows my pain”, the verses just hit home and we know that a lot of you are gonna relate to the feelings and words behind this song, especially in the rough times we’re in now…it just feels like the perfect moment to release this track. We see a bit of a new Porter emerging for the the upcoming year even the artwork for the track is unlike anything we’ve seen from Po…and we like like it. #PlayItForward expects some more good music coming from this legend in the making (if he’s not considered one already) in the coming months and we can’t wait to share it with you. Enjoy the track guys, leave your comment and thoughts on it below and as always… Peace & #PlayItForward


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