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Shon Millz On The Rise With New Music

TK.DaDon January 24, 2013 Music Comments Off on Shon Millz On The Rise With New Music

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So, It seems we have another up and comer in our midst guys. Artist Shon Millz has been making some big numbers as he slowly takes hold of a market all his own. He’s gained over 35, 000 views on his Youtube Channel hit “She Know She Bad” and a whopping 14,000 in just under a week for his most recent music video “Number One Fan” shot & directed by Farreno “F.Dot” Ferguson, featuring singer Fred Nice and boasting the talented Adria Jenee’ as the vid’s leading lady (who gets pretty steamy in a few of the vids scenes). It seems almost as-though he’s kinda popping up out of nowhere but Shon, whose real name is Owen Elliott, says he’s been at it for awhile now; rapping since he was eleven and dropping his first mixtape project straight out of high school back in 2008.

Following his first mixtape release Shon also teamed up with the Affiliates own DJ Drama for a second mixtape project in 2011, released under S.A.E. (Space Age Entertainment). He is now working on his first album, which Shon says “should be done in the next few months if everything stays in line”. The album’s first single “Number One Fan” is on your local stations and stations abroad right now, go out there and request it if you like it. The song’s hook is ridiculously simple, but awefully catchy and smooth at the same time and we we can see it getting way more than it’s current 14,000 hits. But that all depends on you guys, so check both videos out below, let us know what you think and then get to requesting and enjoying. Also if you’re looking to contact Shon Millz or find more of his music you can hit him up on Facebook , his Twitter ,Soundcloud page or also his Official Youtube Vevo page (click away). As always guys. Peace & #PlayItForward.


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