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Angelique Sabrina: Bahamian Pop Princess?

TK.DaDon August 5, 2012 Music Comments Off on Angelique Sabrina: Bahamian Pop Princess?


If you’re like me and you rarely listen to the radio anymore, then there’s a chance you haven’t heard of the this “Superstar” in the making…at-least thats what they’re calling her. Ms. Angelique Sabrina hit the ground running about two years ago with her song “13”, which was by no means her first attempt at making music, but which kind of led the way for her getting to where she is now. A few songs later Angelique hit the radio stations with a song called “Pull Up” that has pretty much made her the undeniable next Bahamian female in line for the top. She’s been rated by as the next Rihanna, to which she responded “I’m no Rihanna I’m Angelique”, a confident statement. Angelique has been making her rounds all over the bahamas; recently even performing at Jamaica’s Sumfest, showcasing her talents among legends in the music business. earlier this year she premiered the video for her radio hit “Pull Up” on MTV, a feat that not many Bahamians can say they’ve accomplished. She’s worked along with some of the most noted Bahamian songwriters and been steadily rising to the throne of “Princess of Bahamian Pop”, though she is by no means bound to the pop genre as can be heard by the reggae, house and other vibes heard throughout some of her music. There’s not much else to say besides “she’s coming”. She’s a very positive fifteen year old  and there seems to be no stopping her. With all of that said expect to see a lot more of Ms. Sabrina. The Bahamas seems to love her so it looks like she’ll be sticking around. Check out her first video “13” and the video for the song that made her memorable “Pull Up”, after the jump. Also, artwork for the single “Pull Up” below.



Angelique Sabrina “13”





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