Thursday 23rd November 2017,
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New Mixtape: Sketch – “Olympus” (Artwork)



Sketch Carey, one of the top bahamian crooners has decided to grace us with a little more than his usual one or two songs at once. This time around we get a whole mixtape (stay calm ladies). Judging by the titled and the background music for the promo video (you can check that out HERE ), it would seem as if the tape is gonna be more of a story of some struggles (Just a guess); though I’m sure Sketch will have quite a few songs just for the ladies on this one. Both the promo video and cover art for this porject were shot by ScharadL Photography, whose work you can see HERE . Still no word as to when the tape will actually be released as yet, but as soon as we know you guys will to.


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Through the music you realize some things. You see that you can draw inspiration from any and everywhere. Life is a song. Everything you say or do. The hard part is to make it worth listening to. -TK

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  1. Amber August 7, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    An artist that makes this kind of music will find it exlcdeingey difficult to have a breakout, mainstream career. Thankfully, you’re going to make music for those that of us that know a small, independent Chinese food spots will always be superior to Panda Express. How WalMart NEVER has some of the candy and potato chip flavors the bodegas have.This mixtape definitely flexes your lyrical capabilities. You’re method of incorporating not just your financial pitfalls, but the emotional and psychological beating you’ve endured and still are recuperating from. The struggles are my favorite part of your message and they are eloquently stated.Keep having fun with masterful work like Broken Headphones and intellectual gumbo like How Thoughtful and you will have a dedicated following. You already have a soldier right here*Salute*