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The Bursel G Interview: Young & Talented

TK.DaDon May 4, 2012 Artist Spotlight Comments Off on The Bursel G Interview: Young & Talented

Bursel G.


We know that there’s a whole lot of talent in The Bahamas and slowly but surely it is uncovering itself. Bursel G is by no means a veteran but by simply listening to his music its not the easiest thing to tell. Here’s what Bursel had to say when we spoke with him.

PIF: So, how did you get the name Bursel G, does the name have a special meaning to you?
Bursel G.: I got bursel G from my real name Bursel Gibson

PIF: You seem to be pretty new to the entertainment industry and I’ve heard you’re pretty young as-well. How long have you been doing it and how old are you?
Bursel G.: I’ve bin doing music for 7 years now and am 17

PIF: Being so new to the game, you’ve gained a big following, wanna give us some insight on how you did it

Bursel G: Like many Musicians and artist I made many artist profiles on various site such as reverbnation and soundcloud.

PIF: While checking out some of the music on your Soundcloud account I noticed that you should have a project coming out soon. What can we expect to hear on there?
Bursel G.: May 9th 2012 “Plan B The Mixtape” expect to hear great music I wont let you down.

PIF: Who are some of the other artists we can expect to see on your new release?
Bursel G.: Fedarro of Soundclick & Mike Bless from Ghost Ent.

PIF: You seem to have kind of a pop infused with some jazz type of feel to your music, is that how you’d describe it?
Bursel G.: Yes

PIF: Can you name one Bahamian musician that is no longer with us, that you really feel?
Bursel G.: Timothy Gibson because the music he compose is timeless.

PIF: What are you expecting to gain from music?
Bursel G.: Appreciation and promising career

PIF: We know you play the sax, are there any other instruments that you play?
Bursel G.: The flute and guitar

PIF: How long have you been playing the saxophone?
Bursel G.: About 7 years I’ve been playing sax

PIF: You also have a few sax covers posted on your Soundcloud, what’s your favorite cover that you’ve done so far?
Bursel G.: Chris Brown – Take you down

PIF: Where do we go if we want to see Bursel G live in action on the sax?
Bursel G.: follow me on twitter @burselG_Stylez to follow up on where am going to be performing next.

PIF: Beside being awesome with the sax, your production is pretty bomb as-well. How’d you get into producing?
Bursel G.: When I was in Miami back in 2009 after watching a Ryan Leslie studio session.

PIF: Do you see yourself doing more for other artists than yourself, production-wise?
Bursel G.: Surely if a artist comes to me for production i would be glad to work with them.

PIF: You also have a company that you do most of your production under, let us know about that.
Bursel G.: The Oracle Music Inc. is a upcoming music production & artist development label.

PIF: Are there any other releases beside the mixtape coming up? singles or feature spots?
Bursel G.: Other then the mixtape in early August am going to release my saxophone EP called Intensity.

PIF: Have you ever thought about performing abroad and how far do you think you are from making that a reality?
Bursel G.: Every night when I sleep I dream about performing for millions people around the world. I’m working on it a step at a time when ever my time comes I’m going to make the best of it.

PIF: With the production, the sax, the company and everything else you have going on what does Bursel G do to relax?
Bursel G.: I will relax when I feel reach where I want to be.

PIF: Unless you have any final shout-outs, you can go ahead and let the fans know how they can link you on all your favorite social networks.
Bursel G.: I would like to shout out My hold team T’mar, Theo, Tristia & Practon The Oracle Inc. I would also like to shout out Eugenell, Lawrenece, 3kbeatz, DJ Frost, 100 Jamz, Wendika, Nika, Cawdawn I could call names all day, but you all know who you are who supported me from day one.

Thanks again for playing it forward!!!


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