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LaKeithra April 17, 2012 Artist Spotlight Comments Off on DIFFERENT STROKES: WEBFUZIONS INTERVIEW
Their artform is quite different from the stroke a brush or the belting out a tune, but these guys create master pieces.
Coding and website creation isn’t the regular guys idea of art, but nevertheless the beauty that is the finished product when these guys put in work is nothing short of artistic.
Its time we took you behind the scenes to the guys that helped us to bring the Play It Forward Dream to life!
If you didn’t know them its about time you got familiar.

Introducing the Web Fuzions team, Michael “Riddim” Cooper and Chuck “alwayshasalongfbname” Fox  🙂

PIF: Web Fuzions was established/launched when?

Michael: Hi, PIF let me start off by saying it’s a pleasure to be interviewed by you guys and especially this being my first online interview (ha,ha).  Well Webfuzions was started back in 2006 actually, the same year I graduated from IADT (International Academy of Design Tampa). I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and an obsession for technology and the internet.

PIF: From working with you guys its obvious that nothing is as easy as it seems when it comes to web design. How challenging can it be to bring someone’s dreams to life?

Michael:  Taking an idea from a clients mind and bringing it into reality is always a challenge but it’s something that Chuck and I along with the rest of the team thrive to accomplish.  The key is to always ask a lot of questions to get a clear picture of who your client is and what are their goals for the website.

Chuck: You are right nothing is as easy as it seems when it comes to web design. A completed website may look simple it’s pretty straight forward and they just tell you with what you think is best, but some clients like to be a part of implementing every little detail. They have certain, theme/look/layout in their mind and they won’t be satisfied until it’s exactly to their liking. This can be frustrating sometimes for a website designer, but it’s all about making the client happy. We know that the end result must be satisfactory to the client!

PIF: Website building, designs, graphics. Are there any other services that you guys provide?

Michael: Along with my skills as a web designer/developer I also have some skills in audio production and video editing.  We live in a time where everything has gotten more visual and so having these skills are very high in demand. If you want to survive in this business you have to be very creative and well diverse.

Chuck:  Well I am a Computer Technician & Network/Systems Administrator.  I’ve actually been a Computer Tech for over 14 years now and also operate a freelance PC repair business called Foxtech Bahamas.

PIF: You guys seemingly compliment each other as a team. How easy or difficult has it been to get into this rhythm?

Michael: I always say if you going to work with someone make sure they are as ambitious and reliable as you are and I have to say that Chuck is someone I can count on anytime.  We are problem solvers so it’s good to be able to get with someone who when we put our heads together, we resolve any issue we come across as quickly as humanly possible.

Chuck: Well working with Mike was a breeze…Any info I needed he gave me it as quickly as possible and anything he needed I got to him in a timely manner too. I like working with Michael because he shares the same passion as me when it comes to design so we get the job done quickly and professionally. It wasn’t very difficult because we communicated very well. He’s a cool guy!

PIF: What project are you guys  currently working on?

Chuck:  At the moment we are working on a personal project of Mike’s and we are also in talks about some more future projects.

Michael: We are getting busier and that’s always a good thing.  🙂

PIF: Let the people know how they can reach you for quotes and the like.

Michael: Yes of course we can be reached from our website ( and our email is . We are also located on all social networks like Twitter (@webfuzionsinc) , (@foxtechbahamas) and Facebook .  I truly appreciate the time PIF has taken out for us today and we wish you guys much success as well!

Chuck: Thanks for the interview guys and we hope to work with you again in the near future! Keep Playing It Forward!




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