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LaKeithra April 16, 2012 Artist Spotlight Comments Off on MR POPULAR: THE DUCKIE INTERVIEW
One of the most, if not the most popular song of 2011, a great spitter and lyricist Duckie should be a name on the tips of everybody’s tongue. He got rave reviews at the iCreate seminar last year as well.  ‘ Popular’ a hit single that bangs, mean collabs with likes of Paper Boy and So Serious, this dude Duckie puts in work. With an unconventional name and killer lyrics, its time to introduce Duckie to those of you who didn’t know.
PIF: Thanks for the chat
PIF: If not the hottest Bahamian single of 2011, certainly one of the top five. How does it feel to have that accomplishment under your belt?
Duckie: I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t happy, but it feels ‘friggin great’ to know your music can be accepted by a  larger mass of people than your used to.
Popular definately was more of a learning experience for me. I was just another lost rapper in the bahamas, popular made me more familiar with the business aspect of the industry, making me even more  determined.
PIF: Still reppin’ Deep East?
Duckie: For Life.
PIF: Let’s gets the unproductive stuff out of the way, a few months ago a war of words in a sense erupted between you and another artist (namely ATMoney). It’s been rumored that he’s no longer with Deep East. Have you guys squashed the beef or is there no resolution in site?
Duckie: Never was ‘beef’ just felt disrespected because he dissed a movement what gave him a name, & I personally did a track expressing myself. Resolution? KEEP HUSTLING.
PIF: You’re currently pushing your ‘like you pose to’ single featuring So Serious, produced by Flawless. Tell us about the track.
Duckie: A club banger Just describing some of the finer things in life in a melodic rap arrangement 🙂 Or you could say I love p****
PIF: LMFAO. Thats whats up. Cool. Any new mix tapes dropping in the near future?
Duckie: Going Places Vol.2 coming soon!
PIF: What’s up next? Any new music videos, collabs, etc?
Duckie: 242 music video Ft. Judah Tha Lion & a video for my single ‘popular’
PIF: You and Paper Boi seem to have some pretty killer chemistry, you guys every consider collaborating on an album?
Duckie: That’s my dawg from highschool b4 all of this rap, but its possible. I’d never knock it.
PIF: Let the fans know how they can reach you.
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