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LaKeithra March 17, 2012 Artist Spotlight Comments Off on MEGATON INTERVIEW

No stranger to the game this guy’s dedication and drive makes him admirable. His selflessness and overall love for his craft and his fellow artists; whether they be label mates or not is commendable.

Down to earth, laid back and easy going describe his overall demeanor, but don’t let his looks deceive you, Megaton is an artist hungry to make it happen; with a drive that can carry him far if given the opportunity.

Keep your eyes and ears open and your wits about you cause dudes got something to say.

PIF: Thank you for the interview.

PIF: You’ve been likened to established artists like Young Jeezy and DMX. Your sound is hip with a unique flavor in my opinion. How would you describe it?

Megaton: I try to combine my love for hip hop music and blend it with the elements of the Caribbean, but I also use all other genres of music to make the best music around for everyone to enjoy. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a distinctive voice either!


PIF: You’ve been connected to music since the age of four. What do you credit for being your inspiration these days?

Megaton: My mother!! After all the people who have come and gone throughout my life (some that I had faith in), she’s the only one that’s still here, so if there was someone that I dedicated my music to, it would be her.


Also a trained Sound Engineer and Producer this guy knows and has studied major aspects of his art form. He started performing professionally in 2000 and makes a lot of his own music.


PIF: Which artists do you see yourself collaborating with whether it is the production or performance side?

Megaton: I’m open to working with any local or international artist there may be as long as were on the same wavelength. At the end of the day we’re all trying to achieve the same goal.


PIF: Fist pump. Heard it. It appears to be an Aura nightclub, get the party hyped kind of anthem. Is that what you were going for with that track?

Megaton: Yeah I wanted to experiment with a club track for a while so it took me like one week to make the entire track which turned out to be a pretty banging track, so you could expect a few more like that in the near future.


PIF: Listened to the song, ‘Blow this cash’. “Face of an angel, body of a goddess, I’m a throw this money while she getting topless!”

Is it safe to consider this an ode to the exotic dancers, anyone of them in particular? 😀

Megaton: Hahahaha All of them!! Com’on which guy doesn’t dream about a woman like that, so I had to show them love. It isn’t easy sliding up and down a pole every night. I know a few on a personal level (locally and internationally) and sometimes you wanna make’um your woman hahahaha but I’ve never been down that road but I promised them Ill write a song about them.


PIF: Waist A Minute.

A break up song with a positive spin: in the song you tell the girl how people thought you guys were inseparable but it didn’t last and pretty much that you’re moving on/starting over.

In songs like these artists draw on personal experiences. How true is that for you? Is it easy to put your feelings on ‘wax’ so-to-speak?

Megaton: As an artist, these are the kind of songs that are mostly related to by your fans because it’s what happens everyday in our lives. Yeah I’ve had my share of heartaches and it will make you better sometimes and I didn’t want to bash the other person in a negative way, but just let her realize that “hey, you broke a brother down, but the sun shines tomorrow and I gotta move on with my life.” This to me is what your fans wanna hear. Artist are humans too!


PIF: Thank you for the interview.

You guys can follow Megaton on twitter @Megaton242 or check him out on sound cloud, reverb nation or good ol’ facebook.



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