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Songwriter, hip-hop artist and a wandering spirit; formerly known as Kilo Grams, Nassus is a lyrically gifted Bahamian with experiences and time served in this hip hop game under his belt. He got that fire and its time to get re-acquainted.


PIF: Thank you for the interview.

PIF: Okay I’ve got to ask, why the name change?


Nassus: Well, the name change had to happen. For me personally it was about growing up from a past life to who I am today. I feel Kilo Grams was more street which I am, but that’s just a part of me and the style wasn’t really me and my process of thinking changed. The things I cared about changed, everything just seemed different it’s almost like a rebirth.

My first mix tape or EP witch ever make the most sense to do will be called The Birth Of Nassus #BoN.

The name came from a mixture between narcissistic and Nassau. Everyone, even my parents, said I was full of myself so lol it kinda makes sense and the spelling is just to rep for my Island.


He proudly boasts about being a proud father. That can definitely warm your heart. But what many of you may not know is that his son, pride and joy, is a special needs toddler. That takes a lot out of any father. Especially when dealing with any three year old.


PIF: You said in a prior conversation that your son inspires you. How difficult is it to be a parent to a special needs child? How much of an impact has it had on your music?

Nassus: My son is the driving force behind everything I do. This musical journey is a long-term goal and long term pay off.

He was in a hit and run car accident 3 years ago when he was 7 weeks old. I worked at Atlantis at the time did my thing on the side but after the accident and him actually ‘pulling through’ though with his life long situation, I saw it as a challenge from YAH”GOD”.

He gave me a near impossible job to do in trying to make life for my son better. His medical bills don’t require me to have just a job or anything considered normal. My dream is big because my goal is big, this is all for KILANO.


PIF: You started making music at when and why?

Nassus: I started writing back in 05 I think I wrote my first song with my nephew called ‘Drop It To The Flow’ lol.

We weren’t as focused back then but even then I realized I was good at writing music not just a few nice punch lines and bars. I hate that shit I’m talking real verses that make sense all the way through.

I didn’t get serious about it until 2007 when the wave of Bahamian music started heavy. I recorded my first song then funny thing,  it was that exact song I wrote 2 years before lol.


PIF: What genres of music do you listen to?

Nassus: Everything!!


PIF: Nassus is now emerging. What can we expect to hear from you in the coming months?

Nassus: I have a new single about to drop shortly called Only For The Night featuring Porter Da Poet and Kwestions (a rap artist from Chicago). I’m still working on either a mix tape on EP I have maybe 17 original songs recorded but I am writing everyday or other day.


PIF: How can our readers get in contact with you?

Nassus: am always on twitter so @ me Only1Nassus or they can email me at


PIF: Where do you see yourself and your music in the next five years?

Nassus: If my purpose is to still be alive, there isn’t any doubt I’ll be a big name international recording artist. I know everyone says they’ll be signed or ‘make it’ but I know this is what I was put here for so if the creators plans don’t change you could interview me in 5 years about this same interview now lol it’ll be interesting.




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