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Coming from a pretty well known family has its advantages, but this young man has stood on his own two feet and
continues to press towards the mark bringing surreal notice and appreciation for talented Bahamian artists and just the Bahamas in general.
He found his calling very quickly being the product of two people whom themselves love music.
But it took a while for Quentin Glover to fully  pursue his true love.
Once a photographer Mr Glover has ushered in a new era of hope for Bahamian artists, entertainers and dream chasers alike. He is widely known for his smash hit “80’s Back” but had consistently put out music that our generation
(and even some of the older generations) can vibe to while delivering a “real message” of the beauty of life once
upon a time in yester-year.
His philosophical flows are profound and he continues to stay true to who he is an artist. With a female following known as “lay lay babies” rapper/lyricist and the garnered respect of his peers, predecessors and newbies in the Bahamian and American music industry and caught the eye of many-a-groupy.
With Abstract Art Volume 2 on the way, We’d love to get better acquaintedwith the man that gave us such mix-tapes as: “Gorilla’s in Tims’
and Abstract Art Volume 1.
Yes there have been others before him, with him but there will never be another quite like Quelle.
PIF: Mr. Glover in a society, a country where artists have never been placed at the fore-front of any governments agenda, why did you chose music?
RQ: Hey PIF, well i like to believe that i really didn’t chose this path. I often tell people in my circle that this is something i was
given to do and i have to do it. I live for my family and Hip Hop -Higher Infinite Power , Healing Our People.

PIF: With any artist, entertainer, human being: travelling opens your eyes, if given the chance what would you change or add to what is considered to be the Bahamian music industry?

RQ: The first thing i would like to say is that there is talent in The Bahamas, It’s always been. There is a false sense of achievement with
this ability that exists all over the world. The industry of music ,which is really is the business of music and then the entertainment
industry in The Bahamas has not grown to meet the needs of the talent or acts that it produces. I think more attention should be put on
educating music lovers that didn’t see the industry as a career choice and a unified effort should be made to understand truly what the
business of music is about. There are far too many people that claim to be in this “industry” that have either very little or no real
education on how the world of music operates. It’s one of our greatest downfalls.
PIF: Listening to your mix-tapes, you seem to be growing lyrically and as an artist with every new album.
Abstract A.R.T Volume 2! Are you as excited as we are!?!?!  What can we expect to hear from you on this album?
RQ: (laughs) … Yes , i’m excited about giving more of myself to the listeners. With this newest installment to the abstract art series, I
wanted to focus intimately on the true struggle an artist can go through from losing loved ones to death and friends to reality. I
wanted to take the listeners even deeper down the “rabbit hole” of my mind and feelings. AATPV2 is meant to invoke a renewed sense of
freedom in expression. It’s my unconventional thoughts and beliefs through my spiritual connection to Hip Hop.

PIF: As an artist who has made waves and become a common name, what were the struggles you faced starting out and what are the struggles you currently face?

RQ: As any true artist in any industry i wanted to have my ideas giving to as many people as possible. In the beginning there is always
a fight to achieve this. On my road to “80’s Back” i dealt with all the usual lies and deception that young artist get from local
promoters and local wana-be mangers. When you really want something you will give it all you have and let foolish people assume they are
getting a “come-up”. The struggle continues for an artist no matter what level you get to and that is one of the best lessons i received
this year. Along with people only seeing you as a dollar sign or hype trophy.

PIF: I gotta ask for all the “lay lay babies” out there, is Mr. Glover/Quelle single?

RQ: (chuckles) … Yes i am .. at the moment i’m married to my life’s mission and the spirit of Hip Hop.

PIF: Which Bahamian artists, that you haven’t worked with yet, would you like to or see yourself collaborating with?

RQ: I’ve worked with a few artist , but there are still some that i would like to that i haven’t due to timing or contact. Artist like Jay
Complex , Leah Eneas, Dash, Tony Mckay’s daughter, Kara Smith, Chippie Chipman , Adrian D’Aguilar and Pat Rahming.

PIF: Music can be a beautiful thing or such a cold mistress, yet most spectators expect an artist to make it in the space of a month when the harsh reality
is some never do. What advice would you give young artists who are considering or trying to get involved in the music industry?

RQ: Learn the business and network. The benefits of music live within and outside The Bahamas. There is a world of contacts , knowledge and
finance out there. Don’t let your position defined you. Be honest with yourself and skill set, if you need to get better don’t make-believe
that you’re better than you are. Love your genre and know it’s history and major players. READ.

PIF:  After the Art Volume 2- what inspired the name of  these albums (1 & 2)?

RQ: The series of Abstract Art came from me being tired of people trying to box me into one part of “Rap Music” and wanting me to
present myself one way because of my raw sound. I wanted people that take this journey with me to understand that i’m more like an abstract
art piece than a one tone painting. The After The Art series which is a sub-series of AA was created to just give my listeners more music
between the main series. With that said there will be another After The Art coming after Tenacity & Perseverance. #smiley

PIF: This or that. Gonna give you a list with two choices, pick one:

PIF:  Macy Gray or Eryka Baduh
RQ: Erykah hands DOWN !
PIF:  A Tribe Called Quest or Roots
RQ: (I love them both) , but i’m gonna have to say The Roots
PIF: Tims or Air Force Ones
RQ: is this a trick question ? (laughs) .. Tims
PIF: Amy Winehouse or Adele
RQ: Adele … i was in love with her from her single “chasing pavements” (RIP Amy)
PIF: Corona with Grenadine or Guinness
RQ: CANDY CORONAS BABY !!! #ahead …(laughs)
PIF: Thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions. Can’t wait to hear the new album.
RQ: Thank you for giving me the chance to share some more about what
Stomping Ground Music Group and R.A.P.P. Quelle is about. Nothing but
love for you. Special shout out to the whole Play It Forward team.
#WEAREUP. (smiles)


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